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Casa de Sierra Nevada, a Hideaway in San Miguel de Allende

Casa de Sierra Nevada, a Hideaway in San Miguel de Allende

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Last year, readers of Condé Nast Traveler named San Miguel de Allende — an attractive, easy-going Spanish colonial town of about 80,000 in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, about 160 miles northwest of Mexico City — as the world's top city, outranking Florence by one place and leaving Paris in the dust 21 places down the list. That, of course, is just loony. But San Miguel is undeniably a pretty nice place, famous as an art colony and a favored vacation and retirement destination for Americans and Canadians (an estimated 15 to 20 percent of the permanent population hails from north of the border).

Among San Miguel's attractions are a number of good restaurants (including Moxi, run by Enrique Olvera, whose Pujol in Mexico City was ranked as #20 in The World's 50 Best Restaurants this year) and several excellent hotels. The most unusual of these is the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, which occupies portions of several buildings in the historic center of town, a few steps from the Jardín, or central town square, and the landmark neo-Gothic church called La Parroquía de San Miguel Arcángel.

Rooms are built around tiled courtyards, hidden behind massive doors. The standard rooms are small and can seem a bit cramped, but the suites are wonderful, spacious, and beautifully furnished, with immense bathrooms, terraces, flat-screen TVs, and just a general air of luxury.

The hotel dining room, an atrium space next to the reception area, is called Andanza — fortune. The lunch and dinner menu offers a combination of Mexican specialties (guacamole, Zihuatanejo-style ceviche, green-tomato gazpacho) and more "continental" fare, along the lines of beet and apple salad, coconut shrimp with onion chutney, grilled snapper with sautéed vegetables, grilled beef medallions with mushroom risotto, and herb-crusted rack of lamb.

I particularly enjoyed the breakfasts. Yogurt with homemade amaranth granola, Belgian waffles with strawberries and banana cream, and chorizo-enhanced eggs Benedict are available, as of course are huevos rancheros (with an unusual sauce of tomatoes and sour nopales), but it somehow seems more appropriate to sample the assorted corn-tortilla quesadillas, filled one each with fresh cheese, huitalacoche, zucchini blossoms, and guacamole — or the chilaquiles (fried tortilla strips in tomatillo or jalapeño sauce), with or without a fried egg on top.

My most vivid breakfast memory from the Casa de Sierra Nevada, though, is of a truly delicious and refreshing fruit and vegetable juice drink, glowing green in color, that the restaurant calls its "energetic drink." Here's the recipe.

Click here for the Casa de Sierra Nevada's Energetic Drink Recipe.

Courtesy of Casa de Sierra Nevada

This resort combines a luxury getaway with onsite culture and history. The grounds includes a former convent, a 17th-century fort, and the former residence of the Archbishop of San Miguel de Allende. You can lodge in a traditional carsona (large house) fully equipped with a butler and dining service for you family or take cooking into your own hands at the on-site cooking school.

Belmond Casa De Sierra Nevada, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Step inside a cluster of several 16th- to 18th- century Spanish colonial buildings and escape to luxury.

A rriving late at night in San Miguel de Allende can be an eerily daunting experience. Having been here before, I recognized that look on Renee’s face, and though she didn’t say a word, I could see it in her eyes.

After a long flight from Fort Lauderdale to Del Biagío International Airport with a stop in Dallas, followed by a 90-minute drive from the airport over seemingly endless, winding roads cloaked in darkness, all we could see in front of us when the car stopped was a large doorway with a small sign bearing the name of our hotel: Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada.

I had to smile, as I knew that once the porter opened the door, we would embark upon the first of many adventures into the magical world of San Miguel de Allende. A world that lies hidden behind a panoply of doorways: painted doorways, ornately carved doorways, whimsical doorways, and massive wooden doorways.

In fact, the doorways of San Miguel de Allende are world renowned with some dating as far back as the 16th century. There are numerous books written about them, featuring the myriad artists who commemorate their uniqueness.

As we entered the hotel, we found ourselves in a lushly landscaped courtyard with stone archways, stucco walls, a fireplace, and massive trees reaching upward to the open sky. It was opulent, yet relaxed and comfortable. We were immediately welcomed by two hotel staff members who greeted us by name.

I smiled once again, as my friend turned to me with an expression that belied that wow moment.

The Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada (Hospicio 35, Centro, Tel: +52-415-152-7040. is actually a cluster of several 16th- to 18th- century Spanish colonial buildings within a few blocks of each other, each one a short walk to the town square. Our casona was a 16th-century building that had served as the bishop’s residence in its first incarnation.

In the center of the courtyard is the famed Adanza, a AAA Four Diamond restaurant, and over the next few days, we happily learned how it achieved its reputation as one of the finest restaurants in San Miguel de Allende. Although it was closing for the night, the concierge arranged to have some wine and snacks delivered to our room.

Designated as historic homes by the National Institute of Anthropology and History, each of the hotel’s 33 rooms meticulously meld restored period furniture alongside modern, more luxurious amenities, including Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. When we returned to our room at the end of each day, there were rose petals placed across the bed and washcloths crafted into swans to greet us.

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the chefs at Adanza not only go to the local market each day to hand pick the freshest ingredients, but they also conduct a culinary class at the hotel’s Sazón culinary school. Although Renee and I didn’t take the class (so much to do, so little time), Ruben, the sous chef, and Sharon, his assistant, took us to the local produce market and showed us how they choose the freshest produce and spices for the daily offerings at the restaurant.

Located 170 miles northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is quaint, yet cosmopolitan. In 2008, UNESCO named it a World Heritage of Humanity Site, honoring its preservation of centuries-old civil and religious architecture. It is also a true walking city, with winding cobblestone streets and 16th-century buildings that house chic boutiques, art galleries, fashion houses, wine bars, and jazz clubs.

Although I was aware that San Miguel de Allende had become an increasingly popular destination for international artists, entrepreneurs, and baby boomers, I didn’t realize that so many American expats had made their home here year-round. Everywhere we went, we met Americans who had fallen in love with the city and relocated there.

The city’s vibe is like a scaled-down version of San Francisco, especially San Francisco pre-Starbucks. Cultural diversity is both respected and celebrated in San Miguel de Allende.

While I saw some slight changes since I had been here eight years ago, the city has not lost any of its charm. I was a bit taken aback to learn that a Starbucks had opened in the heart of the town square, but unless you know where to look, you would- n’t even notice it, as it blends right in with the surrounding buildings. Hidden behind a doorway.

With only three full days to spend here, we wanted to experience as much of the local life as possible, and since June was “off-season,” we didn’t expect that there would be much going on. We were wrong.

Throughout all of Mexico, there are celebrations that take place throughout the year. As it turns out, there were two wildly popular, fun-filled events during the weekend we were in San Miguel de Allende: the Fiesta de los Locos (Festival of the Crazies) and the Sabores San Miguel, a huge food festival featuring restaurants, artists, and music.

The Fiesta de los Locos took over the entire city, with more than 15,000 people dressed in costumes, dancing, and running through the streets for hours. Music filled the streets and costumed parade participants threw candy to the children. It was a combination of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Fantasy Fest in Key West.

The Sabores San Miguel, held in Parque Juarez, one of several large green spaces in the city, was a gastronomic love fest. More than 40 restaurants were scattered throughout the park, with local bands playing, people dancing, and artists and jewelers showcasing their wares. It was here that we encountered American expats, extolling the many reasons why life is so much more relaxed and culturally rich in San Miguel de Allende.

Depending on your interests, days can be spent exploring the history of the area, visiting the many ornate churches throughout the city, enjoying horseback riding outside of town, shopping, etc. However, if you have any appreciation whatsoever for art, then a visit to the Fábrica la Aurora (Calzada de la Aurora S/N, Tel: +52-415-152-1312. is a must.

A 15-minute walk from the center of town, Fábrica la Aurora was built in 1902 and served as a cotton and textile factory until it closed in 1991. Now, among old textile machines and hydraulic turbines that seem to be works of art unto themselves, it has been transformed into working artist studios, contemporary art galleries, antique shops, jewelry design studios, and gourmet restaurants and cafés. Fábrica la Aurora is by far one of the most unique destinations for designers, artists, art collectors, and a novice like me who simply appreciates beautiful works of art, and who wants to shop.

Following a couple of days of walking and exploring, we decided to partake of some of the more relaxing amenities at the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada before our next day’s departure.

First up, an hour at the swimming pool, although calling it a “swimming pool” is like calling the Louvre an art gallery. The pool area is truly an oasis, nestled in the courtyard of Casa Palma, in one of Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada’s mansion/hotels, just across the street from the main hotel casona. Surrounded by magnificent ancient stone arches and carefully manicured trees and colorful flowers, the staff served up cocktails by the pool, and we couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing ambience.

Afterward, we enjoyed the hotel’s worldclass Laja Spa. Unpretentious and tranquil, the spa’s aromas pay homage to the local flowers and plants. Offerings include a Cocoa and Chili Body Wrap, Rose Blossom Facial, Brown Sugar, and Natural Honey Exfoliation, and a wide array of massage options. Having walked for days, I chose a more traditional deep-tissue aromatherapy massage, using lavender and rosemary, and it was heavenly. Gaby’s hands should be cloned!

Getting ready for the trek home, I recall that it is said that “One does not visit San Miguel de Allende just once.” It is not a large city—approximately 60,000 people live in the main part of town—and it takes about 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other. What makes it so unique is that while it has a feeling of old Europe, filled with a historic heritage and immaculately preserved architecture, it seamlessly coexists with the 21st-century art galleries and upscale boutiques, albeit hidden behind doorways, beyond the cobblestone roads, just waiting to be discovered.


If there is magic to be found in Mexico then the Casa de Sierra Nevada, A Belmond Hotel, San Miguel de Allende has found it and sprinkled it throughout this 17th-century jewel box property. This 37-room retreat has been delicately restored from its roots as a former convent, fort and residence of the Archbishop of San Miguel de Allende into an enchanting escape within this Baroque/Neoclassical city, a town which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Like the romantic village that surrounds it, the Casa de Sierra Nevada is an amalgamation of courtyards, stone archways, cloisters and charming passageways.

As to be expected from a Belmond property, the hotel’s approach to luxury is understated, authentic, and sublime, and the Casa de Sierra Nevadas is no different. An homage to artisans, this hotel has built mastery of craft into its bones through hand-carved headboards in the guest rooms, a rich selection of artwork around the property, and antique tapestries for its walls.

Dark, earthy hues are the backdrop of the Casa de Sierra Nevadas and frames its architecture at every turn. Prominent wooden beams line the ceilings while terracotta tiles are arranged in traditional square placements or striking, wide herringbone formations along the hotel’s floors. Even the wardrobe doors are hand-carved in a deep shade of mahogany. This rich, amber vibe is lightened through a palette of discreet creams woven throughout a dominant use of shades of blue which accent the property through patterns, prints, or solid incarnations. The lampshades and sofas in guest rooms are deep shades of lapis, while the jute-like rugs in the rooms are trimmed in cerulean. This theme is seen in different variations through drapes, throw pillows, rugs and chairs around the property where off-white pueblo patterns are highlighted with woven-in blues, or through terrace chairs finished in a light cornflower color spotted with subtle, abstract drips of red.

Although a hotel is much more than the plush decor it provides, it’s an experience to be savored and Casa de Sierra Nevada exceeds expectations. Bordered by the hotel’s fort-like facade on one end and an awe-inspiring stone fountain on the other, the pool is a literal garden of earthly delights. With its Euro-country vibe, the pool loungers sit atop grass and are casually surrounded by shade trees and bougainvillea. It’s hardly a surprise that in this region known for its cuisine, the hotel offers guests the privilege of cooking with their chef through the Casa de Sierra Nevada’s Sazón Cooking School housed in an 18th century mansion. It’s here where students will create elegant masterpieces of Mexican cooking after taking private tours of the city’s markets for ingredients. Given the town’s values towards art, the hotel also offers a variety of art workshops to help guests immerse themselves in the art heritage of San Miguel de Allende. When guests have had their fill of food and culture, there is always the hotel’s Laja Spa to turn to for tranquility and rejuvenation.

While the town is serviced by three airports—Del Bejioi, Mexico City, and Queretaro—San Miguel del Allende is one to three hours drive from them (Del Bejio is the shortest drive at one hour and Mexico City is the longest drive at three hours). Although this should hardly be a deterrent because private drivers are abundant and affordable—they range from $75 to $150. Besides, doesn’t it take a little more to uncover the most brilliant of gems?

  • Easily explore San Miguel de Allende, an adventure for the senses
  • Mixture of 16th – 18th century Spanish colonial buildings
  • Courtyard of manicured trees & colorful flowers
  • History balanced with modern luxuries
  • Expert-led art workshops

If you want amazing complimentary upgrades, perks and personalized VIP treatment at Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, San Miguel de Allende, contact a Departure Lounge Travel Advisor today.

8 Places To Eat, Drink and Play in Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende

Admittedly, my husband and I donned rose-tinted glasses for our recent trip to San Miguel de Allende, the Mexican metropolis known as SMA. Just four months after our wedding, the long weekend was a second honeymoon of sorts. We came for the fuss (why has Travel + Leisure’s twice named the city their favorite in the world?) and stayed for the Baroque Spanish architecture, delicious food and charming art galleries. That our visit happened to coincide with Mexican Independence Day, with SMA hosting one of the country’s largest celebrations, only added to the excitement.

Although each quaint corner begs for an Instagram post, SMA’s location on the Mexican plains—hours from the closest beach—has prevented it from becoming as mainstream as Tulum. The small city’s expat population has bestowed it with the kind of creature comforts that tourists won’t find elsewhere in central Mexico (like a Starbucks in the main square), while maintaining its local charm and culture. Consider this your chance to experience the real Mexico without straying too far off the beaten path.

Below are our top tips for a perfect weekend in the city.

Aldama Street Parroquia Archangel church Dome Steeple San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Parroaguia . [+] created in 1600s.

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Many luxury tourists opt for the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, with its modern furnishings and stunning rooftop bar. We, however, chose to stay at the Casa de Sierra Nevada, a five star hotel formed by nonconsecutive 17th- and 18th-century mansions. No two rooms are alike, but each is packed with local flavor and old world charm. And while the property isn’t a resort, it does boast several stellar dining options and a pool—and perhaps the city’s most central, action-packed location. It’s only a few blocks to the city’s famed pink church, the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.

I had my qualms about a restaurant with such an on the nose name, but the Restaurant did not disappoint. Helmed by celebrity chef Danny Masterton, do not expect tacos in this cozy courtyard. Instead, you will be find upscale Mexican cuisine with international influences. Standouts include the Brussels sprout salad, the raw crudos and the ribeye steak. (Thursday, aka burger night, is the night to see and be seen.)

Great tacos can be found across the city, but our favorites came from this humble street cart. The establishment has no address, and is therefore impossible to find on a map. Trust you’re in the right place when you spot the herd of hungry locals. A limited number of tacos and tortas are on offer, the best of which (in our opinion) are the al pastor.

This quaint cafe is frequented by locals and tourists alike—anyone hunting for the city’s best brunch. Enjoy a creamy cappuccino (which is available with an eponymous lavender twist) and traditional chilaquiles (a Mexican breakfast dish often served with eggs, tortilla chips and warm salsa). Ask for a seat in the rustic courtyard, where there is live music on weekends.

Given the large number of tourists, it’s no wonder that Tulum-based Ki’bok chose to open its second location in SMA. This three story cafe, complete with a shaded rooftop terrace, is the closest you’ll find to an American coffeeshop. The food, while simple, is both delicious and fresh. However, it’s the coffee that kept us coming back day after day (often with croissants in our pockets from Panio Bakery up the street).

SMA is a city of rooftop restaurants, each claiming to have the best view in town. It’s possible, however, that Quince actually does, especially when you consider its location just one block from the Parroquia church. The food here is surprisingly good, especially the sushi, but it’s the view and the vibe that you’re paying for. Reserve in advance and make sure to request a table near the bar and close to the action. Although packed with tourists, most appeared to be hip Millennials traveling down from Mexico City.

Best Gathering Place: Doce 18

Much of SMA’s activity centers in the city’s main plaza, El Jardin Principal, where locals gather each night to gossip and play soccer. However, you can also while the hours away at Doce 18, a synagogue-turned-high-end-food-court that reminded us of New York’s Chelsea Market. Stop by Taco Lab before sampling the region’s most sought-after tequila, Casa Dragones, in their proprietary tasting room. (There are also pizzas, burgers and other international fare on offer.) Warning: Those who drink too much Casa Dragones will want to steer clear of Doce 18’s adorable boutiques.

Just 30 minutes north of the city, this 17th century church—often called “Mexico’s Sistine Chapel”—was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building’s Baroque mural work, which took more than 30 years to complete, continues to draw 5,000 tourists each week. Plus, you’ll feel better about last night’s tequila if you do something cultural during the day.

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He says the resort can create just about any experience the guests may be seeking. Previous customized experiences range from private yacht charters with chef-prepared meals, cocktails and whale-watching to helicopter rides around the peninsula and Jeep excursions to Todos Santos or Cabo San Lucas.

Fortunately, One&Only Palmilla’s offerings don’t end with adventure tours.

The resort has seven romantic dining pods at Agua by Larbi. They’re perched on the cliff’s edge, affording diners an uninterrupted view of the Sea of Cortez. Starlit dinners at Vista Point, Pelican Beach and The Cove are the other options. Prefer to dine inside? We hear the Sunset and Moonlight tables at Agua by Larbi are the best seats in the house (make reservations through [email protected] as early as possible).

There are even three private coves, complete with a “floating bed” under a palapa for couples looking for even more intimacy. The space is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and includes beach butlers on call (guests are given a mobile phone to reach their butlers for whatever they may need — water bottles, cold face towels, lunch, and more).

Advisors looking to book a special evening or excursion for their clients should contact Alajandro Flores ([email protected]), chief concierge. Also available for advisors is Pati Fagoaga ([email protected]), sales manager.

One&Only Palmilla has extensive wedding offerings. Each couple gets its own wedding manager, who customizes and assists with every detail and acts as a personal coordinator for all events. The resort has its own chapel, which accommodates up to 40 for a formal ceremony but that number increases to 240 for an outdoor event. The Chapel Ceremony includes floral arrangements, an altar runner, ceremony candles and a horse-drawn carriage.

Couples receive complimentary wedding dress steaming / pressing, room upgrades and two additional nights (a minimum room block applies), and special arrival and departure amenities.

Note: One&Only Palmilla hosts only one wedding per day, meaning each couple will have exclusivity.

To plan a wedding, advisors should speak with Samantha Macedo ([email protected]), wedding coordinator, and Arianna Ocampo ([email protected]), director of groups & special events.

One&Only Palmilla’s Villa Cortez is designed in the style of a traditional Mexican hacienda, yet it’s equipped with all modern-day amenities.

For additional pampering, couples should head to the 22,000-square-foot spa, which has 13 private treatment villas in a garden setting. The signature treatment is the 60-minute One&Only Palmilla massage, where, after a detailed consultation, the therapists will offer the guests a Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or personalized combination. For couples’ massages, we suggest the Enamorados Bespoke Couples Experience in the Private Spa Suite, which consists of two individual treatment beds, changing area and private bathroom, and is available for two- or three-hour treatments.

While all therapists are ESPA-certified, One&Only Palmilla reports that the following are the most requested: Diana (deep tissue) Mayra and Edaena (facial) Jorge and Francisco (male therapists) and Cyntia and Briseida (female therapists).

Guests will also have access to the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastein Gonzales, which includes a series of signature “Duo” treatments that has two therapists at work simultaneously. Barber&Blade is the men’s salon of the resort (they need pampering, too!). For bookings, advisors can contact Skarlette Castro ([email protected]), spa director.

Wedding parties should know that the spa has ROIL by Amanda George, a celebrity hairstylist, and provides a range of blow-dries, hair and nail services, and beauty treatments. For all of the signature treatments available, contact Norberto Quintanilla ([email protected]), spa supervisor.

One&Only Palmilla has 174 guestrooms and suites, with the top accommodations being Villa One and Villa Cortez — each of which come with a household staff, chef and 24-hour butler. However, more suitable for couples’ retreats are the Ocean Front One Bedroom Suites / Premier Suites or the Ocean Front One Bedroom Grand Suites / with Pool. Particularly suitable for romantic vacations are the Pool Casitas Suites, which have a private infinity-edge pool and a lavish bathtub, in addition to ocean views.

Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita
Couples looking for that special getaway should consider Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita, which brands itself as a couples’ hotel. They cater to any form of travel, including birthdays and anniversaries.

The resort, located within a 250-acre ecological jungle reserve along the Riviera Nayarit coast, has a mere 18 suites and villas. Good to know: Imanta has a no-neighbor design, meaning every couple will have plenty of space to themselves.

The Tree House, perched on a cliff above the beach, is the top accommodation and is situated five minutes outside the heart of the hotel (but still located on the property). While it’s just as suitable for a family of four, couples can enjoy complete privacy here — all guests can hear are the ocean, birds and the breeze. A waterfall cascades into three ponds, which serve as private pools.

Imanta Resorts Punta de Mita’s three-bedroom Casona Jaguar has a 65-foot infinity-edge pool.

All accommodations are suitable for couples — it’s only a matter of guest preference. The Tree House, Casona Jaguar, Casona Los Templos, Casa Taiyari, Casa Xurawe, Casa Aye and Casa Tayau all have direct ocean views. However, if guests would prefer, there are also the Jungle View Suites and Jungle Deluxe Casa, both of which include a private terrace the latter also has an infinity-edge swimming pool. Note: All accommodations have double sinks and bathtubs.

“On the west coast, I love how remote and wild Imanta’s location is,” says Lila Fox of SmartFlyer. “The rooms are massive and luxurious while still retaining a sense of place, tucked throughout the jungle, the best of which have private infinity pools and views of the ocean. I always recommend a private dinner cliff-side for my more adventurous clients, and a hike to nearby waterfalls is also a must.”

Advisors may contact Rodrigo Ruiz ([email protected]), director of sales, to book a specific villa or suite.

Given the resort’s location, couples have plenty of options should they wish to explore. VIP experiences that Imanta can create include yacht charters, ATV rides, zip-lining, bird watching, hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling. On property, guests have access to tennis courts and a golf course.

For a romantic evening, consider Romance at The Cliff. Couples walk through the jungle to a reception by a traditional Nayar conch blower, a drummer and a Huichol flute player — each will guide the couple to a different secret location along The Cliff. The dinner will consist of a surf ‘n’ turf — oysters, lobsters (caught from the rocks below) and filet mignon, in addition to wine pairings by Chef Miguel. Imanta’s signature dessert fondue concludes the meal.

Reservations should be made 24 hours in advance and is subject to weather conditions. Contact Rogelio Valdvia ([email protected]), guest experience manager, to book an evening on The Cliff.

The Tree House is nestled in a mountain and offers a jungle experience.

Good to know: If couples really enjoyed their meal on The Cliff, breakfast is also available there, but reservations must be made 12 hours in advance.

At the Jungle Spa, guests can enjoy a variety of holistic treatments that are based on Aztec and pre-Hispanic methods, all underneath the jungle canopy. Imanta recommends the Ying-Yang couples’ aromatherapy massage, which lasts 85 minutes. Here, Martha and Azucena are the most requested therapists. The spa manager is Cynthia Torres ([email protected]), but guests shouldn’t have a problem walking in and booking a treatment.

VIPs looking to have their wedding at Imanta have the option of a beachside venue, but it must be part of a hotel buyout. The event will be fully customized to the couples’ preference. The wedding package includes the ceremony, reception and a post-wedding brunch.

Advisors should reach out to Rodrigo Ruiz to book a wedding event. General Manager Cris Gonzalez ([email protected]) is also available for advisors to contact.

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa
Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa is inherently romantic, starting from the hundreds of tea lights that line the walkways of the resort to the 200 acres of jungle, private white-sand beach and the Belize Barrier Reef (the world’s second-largest).

While the tea-light walkways may set the mood, the resort has plenty of activities and amenities specifically designed for couples, from wedding buyouts to on- and off-property experiences, spa treatments and honeymoon packages.

Advisors can reach out directly to Heda Chehda ([email protected]), director of sales and marketing, as well as Christie Alvarez ([email protected]), the front office manager.

Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa has 63 rooms and suites.

Have a VIP couple thinking of tying the knot at the Riviera Maya resort? Couples will have the ability to create a custom menu, selected from an extensive list of drinks, wines, flowers and arrangements. A still photographer and videographer, live music, and hair, makeup, and spa treatments are all available. And to keep the family entertained, the hotel can create a full itinerary for guests, which can include tequila and / or cigar tastings, cooking classes, Mayan ruin excursions and cave diving or snorkeling.

Belmond Maroma, however, has several services strictly for couples.

The hotel has a Honeymoon Hideaway that includes a three-course aphrodisiac dinner menu served on the beach, a 50-minute in-room couples’ massage, in-room mud bar kit, and a welcome amenity of chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.

An Evening With the Moon and Stars, another couple’s amenity, begins with a moonlit massage by the beach, followed by chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne back in the couple’s room adorned with rose petals and candles.

A Picnic to Remember includes a picnic with champagne overlooking the Caribbean waters, followed by a spa treatment back in suite where guests can choose from a range of Mayan mud kits to enjoy together.

A Special Dinner has a specifically curated menu for the couple to be enjoyed either right on the beach or from Maroma’s Observation Tower overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

At the Kinan Spa, they can enjoy the Temazcal of Sacred Love or the Aphrodisiac Chocolate Invigoration. The former is an ancient, spiritual Mayan ceremony geared toward uniting couples with nature, the universe and each other through native chants and meditation (90 minutes) the latter is a gentle exfoliation with natural cacao, followed by a massage using 100 percent pure chocolate and coconut crème (120 minutes).

Belmond Maroma Resort and Spa is set among 200 acres of jungle, beside a private, white-sand beach.

The signature Temazcal treatment is performed at dusk on the beach where heated rocks are doused with herbal water to create a healing steam. Aloe Vera is applied to the skin, and then guests plunge into the Caribbean sea. This treatment is available for anyone. Carmen is one of the most requested therapists here and her specialties are the Kinan ritual, Janzu Ritual and Lomi Lomi.

The Kinan Spa has 10 treatments rooms, two open-air massage palapas, and a rooftop yoga and meditation pavilion. To book a treatment, please make reservations at least 48 hours in advance and contact Carla Prado ([email protected]), guest relations manager. The spa manger is Cinthya Alva ([email protected]).

Of the 33 suites and 30 guestrooms, Room No. 65 is the most requested — it’s an oceanfront, one-bedroom suite with a covered patio, a plunge pool, a private fitness center, a palapa for private spa treatments, and a spacious bathroom with double sinks and two showers (one indoor, one outdoor). This room also has private access to the beach and unobstructed views of the ocean. From the king-size bed, couples can watch the sunrise (just leave the curtains open).

The Ocean View Master Suites and Oceanfront One-Bedroom Suites are the most suitable for couples all accommodations have bathtubs, while Oceanfront One-Bedroom Suites also have double sinks. Butler service is available for any room upon request.

What Advisors Are Saying:
There’s, of course, more to Mexico than beach resorts. Couples looking for more of a city approach should head inland to San Miguel de Allende, a city filled with markets, art, ruins, architecture and festivals.

“The beach resorts are wonderful, but for something with true ambiance and sense of place, I love their colonial cities,” says Susan Moynihan of Largay Travel. “San Miguel de Allende is absolutely gorgeous, filled with stunning architecture, art and a unique history. It’s a different kind of romantic, swapping palm trees and sand for cobblestones and centuries of tradition and history.”

Moynihan also recommends checking out the food scene there. For instance, the city has cooking schools where participants can explore the local markets with a chef, and then return to prepare the meals.

VIPs still have a choice of luxurious accommodations, including the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, Rosewood San Miguel de Allende and Hotel Matilda.

Back in Los Cabos, The Resort at Pedregal is “amazingly romantic, gorgeous, sophisticated and truly a magical resort,” according to Michelle Andersen of Admiral Travel. “The spa is fantastic. Anyone staying at the resort must do the whale shark swim — this is a do-not-miss experience.”

The Resort at Pedregal’s adults pool is situated near the bar and provides sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

Another notable highlight of the hotel is the outdoor champagne tasting on the Champagne Terrace at El Farallon — all you need to do is decide how many and what measure of each option (from Blanc de Blancs to Rose to vintage Champagnes) you want.

For a romantic weekend away, NIZUC Resort & Spa is a great destination, as it’s only a 15-minute drive from Cancun International Airport.

“The aesthetic is sleek and calm, and all of the restaurants on property are top notch — complete with a chic cigar bar, which frequently has live music,” says Lila Fox of SmartFlyer.

Kelly Smith of SmartFlyer warns that what might be suitable for one couple isn’t always ideal for another.

“Vacations are very personal, so no two romantic getaways look the same,” she notes. “Some people want to relax and unwind while others want to immerse themselves in the culture. I love finding properties that balance them both.”

Included in hotels that have this balance is Hotel Esencia, a beachside boutique hotel set on 50 acres of lush gardens just north of Tulum.

Nice Touch: Located on property are two authentic farm-to-table Mexican restaurants and an organic spa.

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, lujo entrañable en San Miguel de Allende

El alma puesta en el servicio que distingue a la propiedad de la colección ‘Exclusive Places’, es afirmado por su nuevo General Manager: Eric González. Casa del Parque. Foto. Cortesía de Belmond.

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada dio la bienvenida a su nuevo General Manager, Eric González, al tiempo de proponer una forma aún más exclusiva para viajar y disfrutar de estas fechas en sus acogedores espacios situados en el corazón de San Miguel de Allende.

La historia presente en el conjunto de casonas patrimoniales que constituyen el hotel y todos los detalles inmersos en sus exteriores e interiores, crean una atmósfera de lujo única. Sin embargo, para Eric González, el alma de Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada reside en un equipo humano dispuesto a dar lo mejor de sí.

Eric González, General Manager de Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada.
Foto. Cortesía de Belmond.

“Cerca del 98% del personal es local. La gente de San Miguel de Allende es genuina y hospitalaria. Es un factor muy importante, sobre todo en estos tiempos que debemos ser más proactivos y transmitir confianza a nuestros huéspedes”, comentó durante una charla con Forbes Life.

Eric cuenta con una trayectoria de dos décadas en la hotelería de lujo, marcada no sólo por su pasión en el servicio y atención al cliente, también por su capacidad para desarrollar soluciones creativas que vayan más allá de las expectativas de los viajeros.

Casa Limón es una de las tres residencias privadas de Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada que opera bajo el concepto ‘Exclusive Places’ . Foto. Cortesía de Belmond.

Tras laborar en Belmond Cap Juluca, situado en Anguila, y Belmond El Encanto, en Santa Bárbara, California, Eric regresó a San Miguel de Allende con una perspectiva amplificada de las acciones puestas en marcha por la marca para preservar la salud de los viajeros.

“Hemos adoptado los requisitos mejorados que emiten numerosas autoridades de salud y gobiernos locales e internacionales. Además de acoger rigurosas pautas de limpieza y de distanciamiento social, nos comprometemos a que nuestros huéspedes se sientan una vez más bienvenidos en ambientes confortables y seguros”.

Eric González, General Manager de Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada

Experiencias privadas en la tierra como en el cielo

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada forma parte de la colección, presentada en julio de 2020: ‘Exclusive Places’, diseñada para familias y grupos pequeños que buscan mayor privacidad dentro del mundo de Belmond. Ello, gracias a la belleza y distribución de sus casonas.

Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada forma parte de la colección ‘Exclusive Places’

Patios interiores, jardines y pintorescas terrazas con vistas a la parroquia invitan a compartir momentos inolvidables con seres queridos y amigos al resguardo de una residencia privada del siglo XVII. Deleitarse con una cena personalizada, aprender los secretos de la chef Ejecutiva, Jetzabel Rojas, en una clase exclusiva o recibir una lección privada con el artista José Luis Arias.

Vivencias que pueden ser antecedidas por un placentero trayecto en Jet Privado diseñado por The Ultimate Travel Curator and Connoisseur Belmond, en alianza con Private Jet Services. Pues hoy más que nunca, cada minuto al lado de quienes más queremos cuenta.

Para hacer de estos momentos, experiencias perdurables, Eric González trabaja de la mano de Federico Echaiz, director Regional de Belmond en México y General Manager de Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa.

Casa de Sierra Nevada, A Belmond Hotel, San Miguel de Allende

Uncover the unique nuances in the historic buildings dating back to the 18th century.

Individually styled rooms and suites feature original artwork and local antiques, with many boasting talavera-tiled bathrooms and quarry-stone fireplaces. Select sites include private terraces and city views.

Restaurante del Parque’s dishes highlight the traditional flavors of Mexico in a relaxed, elegant setting. Andanza offers a contemporary Mediterranean menu in a colonial-style setting. Enjoy a cocktail on the patio at Blue Bar.

Laja Spa promotes natural healing through a range of holistic treatments. Named in honor of the nearby Laja River, the spa includes three treatment rooms and a fitness studio.

Embrace the city’s artistic lifestyle in a painting or drawing workshop. Walk the streets of San Miguel de Allende to find hidden boutiques. Horseback ride through the picturesque Mexican countryside.

Hospicio 35. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato 37700 Mexico

Querétaro Intercontinental Airport.

  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Room upgrade at check-in, when available
  • Noon check-in, when available
  • 4:00 p.m. check-out guaranteed
  • Complimentary Wi‑Fi

US$ 100 Property credit to be used during your stay

Experience an exclusive getaway with one of our private stays ready for your arrival. Unpack, relax, and we'll do the rest.

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Discover Mexico in a different way

As with each luxury hotel, Casa de Sierra Nevada has its own Spa called Laja Spa that offers personalized cares to travellers that wish to relax after a long day exploring the country’s wonders.

At morning, for lunch or dinner, you can savour tasting meals at Casa de Sierra Nevada’s restaurant, called Andanza and considered as one of Mexico’s best restaurant. This one offers super-fresh ingredients, used for local meals cooked with a touch of modernity, and all of that in an elegant décor with colonial style. Then you can rest in front of a huge firepit or at the patio bathing in the sunlight that depends on the Blue Bar.

Finally, the Chef and its team offer cooking classes at Casa de Sierra Nevada at Sazon school all along the year. An original and funny way to discover Mexico’s distinctive savours and regional specialities thanks to accessible recipes.

And if you wish to discover San Miguel de Allende’s charm, Casa de Sierra Nevada hotel can book horse riding, golf courses as well as dance session, art and language classes! A programme perfect to come back with the head full of memories and a way to bring back Mexico’s culture with you!

Watch the video: Real Estate San Miguel de Allende Casa Macias


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